If you have a Deep Innate Desire to Be More Successful in All You Do and then Reach out and Make a Difference to Others as well through a Modality that Explores - Discovers - Reframes - Resolves and Transforms at the Deep Subconscious Level of the Mind - look at our Courses - Workshops and Individual Counselling

This is our Pioneering Workshop on Soul Mind Body Brings about Awareness of the Soul and its Purpose to come to Planet Earth how the Mind - a Subtle Body like the Soul accompanies the Soul to record the happenings through the actions of the Physical Body the choices we make before we enter the Physical body how contamination happens through our human development and how we go from EASE to Disease through deep Navigations at a deep altered state we show you how to release old programs talk to your body parts find resolutions and work on them to take your Body back from discomfort to Comfort from Pain to No Pain and from Disease to Ease Understand how the Limbic System in your Physical body works in sync with the Endocrine and Immune System to keep your body Healthy at all times use Love Forgiveness and Gratitude to access Good Health - ask for more details.....

Discover the origin of your Human Journey understand the Journey of your Soul the choices you made- your Purpose here on Earth and much much more as you go through a deep Navigation to experience Relaxation and the Light that you truly are.....

In the Beginning there was neither Existence nor Non Existence all this World was Unmanifest Energy Hymn of Creation The Rig Veda understand at the Workshop how we can shift and tgransform our Energy from ill health to HEALTH from Sickness to WELLNESS

Learn Yoga and through the Yoga postures access the deep parts of your Inner world and release and heal yourself every time you get into that posture you will consciously let go and heal and return yourself to WELLNESS.....

Access NLP Techniques that you can use to have Positive Thoughts Clean Clear Happy Feelings an Energetic System and a Healthy Body with Exercise Diet and Positive Language and more.....

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