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The Hypnotherapy School of India (HSI) is founded by : BLOSSOM FURTADO  
Transpersonal Trainer Teacher & Therapist - Specialising in Various Modalities of Training & Healing - Regression Reframing & Rescripting - Transformative Hypnotherapy - Energy Balancing - Clinical Therapy - Past Life Therapy - Spirit Release Therapy - Spiritual Regression Between Lives Trainer & Therapist - Relationship Counsellor - Pre Marital & Marital Counsellor - Life Coach - Trainer Teacher for Regression and Other Therapeutic Approaches & Interventions to Live Life Effectively & Productively. 
  Working in the field of Self Development over the last 25 years. Trained Extensively in the Methodology of Natural Healing - Personal Development – Training - Facilitating and Counselling.
Regression Therapy
Transformative Hypnotherapy
Mind Management
Psychological Counselling
Past Life Reframing
Spirit Release Therapy
Spiritual Hypnosis
Spiritual Hypnotherapy
Self Hypnosis
Spiritual Regression Between Lives
Transformative Hypnotherapy Tools
Regression Reframing Techniques
Mind Management - Accessing Your Strengths
Holistic Healing of Soul - Mind & Body
Wellness Workshops
Radiant Relationship Workshops
Joyful Happiness Workshops
Parenting Workshops
Children Workshops
Shadow to Light Workshops
   LECTURER delivering talks to Students at Schools from the age of 13 upwards on What Drugs do to your body – her contribution TOWARDS A DRUG FREE WORLD……..
  16 years in the Corporate Industry - 14 years as an Entrepreneur and simultaneously working in the field of Self Development and Healing.
HONORARY COUNSELLOR - Associated with an Organization for Psycho-social support and Mental Health Care.
  • International Association of Educators for World Peace.
  • American Hypnosis Association, USA
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