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Blossom Madam,
Your lecture - Say No to Drugs - was superb.
Student - G D Goenka School New Delhi
Blossom Madam,
Yes we should say NO to drugs and we should spread this lecture in classes, in leaflets, newspapers. The lecture was excellent. Thank you very much
Student - Kendriya Vidyalaya, New Delhi
Blossom Madam,
I now understand that people who take drugs destroy their own body. I will spread this information in my colony and it was an interesting lecture. You should also try to spread this information to everyone as many people don’t know about drugs and the harm the drugs do.
Student - G D Goenka School
Hi Blossom,
Thank you for making a difference in my life - for all the knowledge - for making 2012 a beautiful year - for making us see how beautiful our lives are - for the love and light guidance and support and last but not the least for enabling us to access who we truly are. Thank you.
I am happy to tell you Crystal Healing are giving amazing results. They have become a part of my life. Thanks to u and a big loving hug to u. I am blessed by God to be with a great Soul i.e. U. Thank you so much again
Thank u Blossom - Let the Cosmic Energy fill us to do what we came here to complete.
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