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Dear Blossom,
Thank you Blossom for being there at every step and encouraging us. It was beautiful learning from you. Shall be in touch with you. Take care.
Harpreet - June 2008
Dear Blossom,
Thanx for the beautiful message. Light comes from the Lighthouse. You are the Lighthouse. Knowingly or unknowingly you give and spread only light. Please continue guiding me. Luv and Regards.
Praneshwar - June 2008
Hi Blossom,
I want to thank you for an amazing course. It was an incredible experience.
Gurbir - June 2008
Hi Blossom,
I want to thank you for all your support yesterday. Each moment was full of fun n love. I've personally come back with more strength, awareness and gratitude. A big thank you once again. All my love n deepest regards.
Achla - May 2008
Good Morning Blossom,
Please accept my congrats on the beautiful way of conducting the Bangalore Seminar. I am amazed by your Divine energy. Please let me know if I could be of any service to the Group.
SK - April 2008
Hi Blossom,
I thoroughly enjoyed today sessions - they were high energy, experiential and so informative. You have helped to further empower me and I am grateful. Love
Divya - January 2008
Hi Blossom,
You too are a living master facilitating so many people. Thank you so much for all your support. Love
Shubhra - January 2008
Hi Blossom,
You may not always see them but they are always there... our two hands praying for your happiness and wish that all your dreams come true
Katarias - January 2008
Hi Bubbly Blossom,
Hope everything is fine at your end. I am getting lot of good signs in my life after the course with you in Chennai. Thank you and keep sending me light. Love
Sukanya - November 2007
God has a reason why he makes certain people part of our life. I may not know his reason for making me know you. But I am definitely thankful to him for bringing you into my life. Love
S - August 2007
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