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June, 2008
Hypnotherapy & Past life Therapy.
Dr.Furtado quoted in Indiatimes on Dream Therapy.
Dr.Furtado quoted in Indiatimes on Past Life Therapy .
July 14th , 2006
Past Life Regression Therapy by Dr Blossom Furtado on India's most popular channel.
November 28th , 2005
Many queued up to see Blossom Furtado, Hypnotherapist, at the Trade Fair.
September 05th , 2008
If you enjoy reading, we suggest you keep one of these inspiring titles by your bedside.
December 30th , 2006
Dr Blossom Furtado Explaining the benefits, of Hypnotheraphy on Star News.
November 19th , 2005
Hypnosis, flower therapy on offer.
May 25th , 2006
Exclusive HEALING TOUCH programme featuring Dr Blossom Furtado on national channel.
November 15th , 2005
Spirituality on Sale.
September 29th , 2013
My Deep Dank Past.
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