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 Blossom Furtado - 4/22/2018 8:36:16 AM

These are some of the many modalities that THE HYPNOTHERAPY SCHOOL OF INDIA (HSI) uses

to give individuals back their Own Power through

Accepting Every Aspect of themselves – good or bad –
and bringing their Shadows into the Light with Awareness – Acceptance with Responsibility and being in Action at all times

We did an Exercise with an Broken Mirror some time ago – Many participants were very surprised – even shocked – their response – a broken mirror – pieces of myself – how can this be possible? I am living this life with everything that I need – Freedom – Money – Relationships – the Works…

As yet as they looked deep within there is this niggling feeling sometimes that something is Still missing and they cannot put a finger on it

My younger brother – one I was quietly fond of – I actually saw him grow from a baby – a person who did everything right – a Hero so to say – a dutiful son – a protective brother – a loving husband – a doting father and an amazing Human Being – Roti – Kapda – Makaan – all going good – yet he had the Big C and died young

On the surface all was well – yet DEEP within him were FROZEN parts of himself – some he was aware of and did not do anything - some he was not aware and could not do anything

The Scriptures say that WE all have the Power to Change – Mahatma Gandhji said BE THE CHANGE – We all have this Life and so with


A.) We can thaw deep frozen parts that may exist at an iceberg level

B.) We can with Courage and Determination bring our Shadows from the Dark where we have hidden them into the Light

C.) We can with Love – Forgiveness and Gratitude Accept ourselves fully no matter what

We would then be able to Live Life fully in the Here and Now knowing and Understanding that we are all Immortal Spiritual Beings having a temporary Human experience

HSI through our Courses – Workshops and Therapy facilitates you to access your Subconscious Mind – that Genius or Higher Self part of you and take Action and then a Whole new World of Possibility opens up – a World of Love – Joy – Peace – Happiness and Fulfillment

When I think I have healed myself completely – a part pops up in pain asking to be healed and I use all the modalities and opportunities to Reconnect back to my Original Self and the Journey continues – Living in Awareness – Accepting with responsibility and Always in Action

I invite you all to Ask – Seek and find Modalities that facilitate you to look within and Reconnect to Your Own Power and keep your Remote with Yourself at all times

Love Light Gratitude
Blossom Furtado


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