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The Soul is immortal. So no matter who you are today, you have been different people, and lived different lives... lives that may have moved on something unresolved from them into your present one as a result of imbalanced karma. Your physical or psychological ailment may have been caused by a trauma that you experienced in a previous existence, or a personal ordeal buried deep in your subconscious.

Past Life Therapy (PLT) or Past Life Regression (PLR) is the phenomenon by which you retrieve the memories of previous lives to pin-point the source of your present suffering and fight it in the unconscious state. “If you’ve gone through all the medical procedures and the problem is still not going away, it maybe a result of your past life”, says Dr Blossom Furtado, Clinical Hypnotherapist who heads the Delhi branch of the famous California Hypnosis Institute.

“Some people suffer from severe Asthma and allopaths have not been able to find any cure. What we have found after thorough research and documentation is that this disease comes from past life, and when we regressed a patient, it was found that all her three past lives contained the reason- she had been drowned, beheaded and hung, which caused her to choke”, she exemplifies, adding further that “every time there’s a problem or an emotional surge, the memory comes back subconsciously, and the mind says you’re going to choke”. Now ofcourse, the patient is fine, thanks to this mystical therapy.

Practitioners of PLR use hypnosis or acupuncture to delve into the unconscious mind. This is the first phase of this process, identified as the ‘realistic- cathartic’ stage by world famous psychotherapist Roger D Woolger. The second ‘symbolic-archetypal’ step needs the patient to project his present self onto his past personality. The third ‘integral-mystical’ stage is where the person has to come to terms with what has been relived through regression. The therapy is effective only when the patient acknowledges and accepts past trauma and is ready to move beyond that.

Transpersonal psychology, the arm of psychology that deals with the spiritual aspect of the mind, explains the therapeutic basis of this phenomenon in terms of parapsychology and altered states of consciousness and brain activity, combined with metaphysical energies. The healing that occurs as a result of freedom from one’s past is based on the belief of reincarnation and the cycles of karma and rebirth.

“It is about diving deep into your consciousness and finding all the memories buried deep inside...the practitioner took me into a deep state of relaxation and slowly I stepped down...step after step...and went back and saw things in great clarity”, remembers Tanya, a 25-year-old IT professional who got herself regressed about a month back after she started experiencing paranormal incidences. “Everyone should go through this experience”, she recommends.

When I got myself regressed, I gained a deep insight into myself... the whys and the hows and the mystic secrets of those haunting thoughts. This is something you have to experience for yourself, and you’d know why its not rubbish as your ‘sensible’ friends might have suggested before!
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